Laddered Allocation Power Buffer ETF™


Laddered Allocation Power Buffer ETF™

The Innovator Laddered Allocation Power Buffer ETF seeks to provide exposure to the investment results of the FTSE Laddered Power Buffer Strategy Index. The Index is comprised of an equal-weight allocation to each of the 12 Innovator U.S. Equity Power Buffer ETFs which provide the upside of U.S. equities, subject to caps, while buffering against the first 15% of U.S. equity losses.


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How BUFF works

Below is a chart of BUFF's twelve Innovator U.S. Equity Power Buffer ETF holdings and their respective starting caps. It highlights the performance of each holding in relation to the outcome period cap, buffer, and reference asset. The purpose of the chart is to demonstrate how much upside potential or downside buffer is remaining in each position within BUFF.


As of 2/27/2024

Using BUFF in a portfolio

Re-think Risk Management

  • Defensive equity / low volatility alternative
  • Rethink your 60/40 allocation, take 10% from equities and 10% from Bonds and allocate into BUFF

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