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100% Buffer ETFs™ Listed July 1st
Three new Equity Defined Protection ETFs™ listed, with 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year outcome periods.
outcome period
100% Downside Protection
6 Months to January 2025
5.00% Cap
outcome period
100% Downside Protection
1 Year to July 2025
9.50% Cap
outcome period
100% Downside Protection
2 Years to July 2026
18.20% Cap
July Starting Caps Now Available!
On July 1st, Innovator listed three new 100% Buffer ETFs™ and six other Buffer and Buffer Income ETFs.
Additionally, 23 other Defined Outcome ETFs™ rebalanced, offering fresh upside and downside parameters.
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Featured ETFs
Here are four ETFs to consider in Q3:
Nasdaq-100® Managed Floor ETF™       U.S. Equity Power Buffer ETF™
U.S. Equity 5 to 15 Buffer ETF™       International Developed Power Buffer ETF™
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Defined Outcome ETF™ Model Portfolios - Now Available on Orion & Envestnet
Innovator's Defined Outcome ETF™ Model Portfolios seek to provide financial advisors a scalable solution to Defined Outcome ETF™ investing. Each portfolio is optimized to target a precise blend of risk and return. View Models.
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Innovator Awarded 2023 "Most Innovative ETF Issuer"
Innovator is proud to be named "Most Innovative ETF Issuer" - a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation and our goal to empower investors. View the criteria and see the winners here.
Market at All-Time Highs? Get Equity Upside with 100% Downside Protection
Thursday, July 18th @ 12 PM ET
On July 1st, Innovator is expanding its 100% Buffer ETFs™ with the launch of 3 new ETFs offering 6-month, 1-year or 2-year outcome periods. Join us to learn how advisors are using this innovative lineup of ETFs.
The Monthly Model Update!
Thursday, June 13th @ 1 PM ET
Join us every second Thursday for a monthly model update from Innovator. Available on Orion and Envestnet, these Defined Outcome Model Portfolios offer investors a simple, scalable way to implement Buffer ETFs.