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Innovator Nasdaq-100®
Managed Floor ETF
Listed January 25th, QFLR is designed to pursue capital appreciation while mitigating market volatility and hedging against deep market drawdowns. The fund is sub-advised by Parametric and employs an options overlay that is similar to that of SFLR.
There is no guarantee the Fund will be successful in providing the sought-after protection of the floor. The Fund’s option strategy may cause the Fund to forego a portion of any upside returns of the Equity Portfolio.
Managed Floor ETF
Sub-Advised by Parametric
Nasdaq-100 Exposure
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This month, we're highlighting the Innovator Equity Defined Protection ETF (AJAN), and other buffer, income, and managed floor offerings.
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Gene Munster’s View on the Coming AI Boom and Bust – How to Invest in It
Tuesday, March 5th @ 1 PM ET
Join us to hear Gene’s outlook on the current market environment – including his views on frontier technology, a focus on AI, and an overview of how to play it all with the LOUP ETF.
Addressing Tail Risk with a Managed Floor Strategy
Thursday, January 25th @ 1 PM ET
Join Michael Zaslavsky, Senior Investment Strategist of Parametric and John Steiner, ETF Product Manager of Innovator for a deep dive on QFLR, the Innovator Nasdaq-100® Managed Floor ETF, listing on January 25th.