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100% Downside Protection & Nasdaq Managed Floor ETF
AAPR is designed to offer market exposure to a cap, and a 100% buffer against losses, over the outcome period, before fees and expenses.
QFLR is designed to pursue capital appreciation while mitigating market volatility and hedging against deep market drawdowns.
Listed 4/1!
Innovator Equity Defined Protection ETF
2 Year to April 2026
18.00% Cap
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Managed Floor ETF
Sub-Advised by Parametric
Nasdaq-100 Exposure
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There is no guarantee the funds will achieve their investment objectives. The funds have characteristics unlike other traditional investment products and may not be suitable for all investors. Please see "investor suitability" in the prospectus.
ETFs Listed & Rebalanced 4/1
On April 1st, we listed our third 100% Buffer Defined Protection ETF (AAPR) and two new Buffer Income ETFs (HAPR and LAPR).
Additionally, 22 other Defined Outcome ETFs™ rebalanced, offering fresh upside and downside parameters.
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Defined Wealth Shield ETF       International Developed Power Buffer ETF
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Defined Outcome ETF™ Model Portfolios - Now Available on Orion & Envestnet
Innovator's Defined Outcome ETF™ Model Portfolios seek to provide financial advisors a scalable solution to Defined Outcome ETF™ investing. Each portfolio is optimized to target a precise blend of risk and return. View Models
IMAR Listed 3/1

On March 1st, the Innovator International Developed Power Buffer ETF (IMAR) listed, which is designed to provide upside exposure to international developed markets, to a cap, with a 15% buffer.
Innovator Awarded 2023 "Most Innovative ETF Issuer"
Innovator is proud to be named "Most Innovative ETF Issuer" - a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation and our goal to empower investors. View the criteria and see the winners here.
Gene Munster’s View on the Coming AI Boom and Bust – How to Invest in It
Tuesday, March 5th @ 1 PM ET
Join us to hear Gene’s outlook on the current market environment – including his views on frontier technology, a focus on AI, and an overview of how to play it all with the LOUP ETF.
Addressing Tail Risk with a Managed Floor Strategy
Thursday, January 25th @ 1 PM ET
Join Michael Zaslavsky, Senior Investment Strategist of Parametric and John Steiner, ETF Product Manager of Innovator for a deep dive on QFLR, the Innovator Nasdaq-100® Managed Floor ETF, listing on January 25th.
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