Innovator Defined Outcome ETFs: Investing Certification
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We are committed to helping financial advisors and firms stay regulatory-compliant by offering Defined Outcome ETF ™ training through our partners at AI Insight.

benefits to home offices
  • Advisors education on Defined Outcome ETF™ Investing
  • Detailed results tracking allows admins to review each course question detailing user’s responses to determine if further training is required.
  • Status Reports provided, indicating which users have “Completed” or “Not Started” the training.
  • Auto-generated emails to admins when a user completes the training.
  • Admins can apply due dates to the training which will generate auto email reminders to users.
benefits to financial advisors
  • Get educated on the ETFs and learn the potential benefits and risks of offering these investment options to clients.
  • For users who complete the training, AI Insight by iCapital Network will file for CE credit with the CFP Board upon completion. Users only need to provide their CFP ID number.
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defined outcome etf™ training process
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Complete the assigned Innovator ETF Training Plan
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